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August 2018 Archives

Man arrested for drug crimes after vehicle stop for speeding

Allegations of drug crimes in Longview and across Texas can lead to major penalties and an extended jail term if there is a conviction. The amount of drugs that the person allegedly has in his or her possession will dictate the level of charges and whether it will be a matter of the person having a drug that is for personal use or low-level sale or is for a larger-scale operation of drug trafficking. Many of these arrests start with a traffic violation and a vehicle stop and search.

Multi-agency investigation leads to man's arrest for drug crimes

Given the ongoing struggle with drugs in Texas and across the U.S., law enforcement agencies both local and federal are engaged in trying to put a stop to their sale. Accompanying that will be investigations and arrests for drug possession, drug sales and drug trafficking. When a person is caught in one of these large-scale investigations, the litany of accusations and penalties that will go along with a conviction can be intimidating. However, it is critical to remember that law enforcement is required to adhere to certain procedures, and there are often numerous ways to lodge a strong defense.

The importance of legal help with drug trafficking charges

Despite attempts on the part of Texas law enforcement and by the federal government to reduce drugs coming into the U.S. and being sold across the country, the problem is still significant. That can lead to people being arrested for a variety of criminal acts related to drugs, possession and sales. Often, people who are considered "low level" are arrested and charged with sale of small amounts of drugs. Others are arrested for possession with an amount that is likely for personal use. These can be problematic, but there are worse accusations.

Drug crimes: how penalties are determined and potential defenses

Texans who are arrested for drug possession will be understandably fearful of what the future holds. The prospect of jail time, fines, lost standing in the community and a criminal record might seem to be too much to bear. Those who are not involved in the sale of drugs but possessed it for their own use will face different consequences than those who are selling drugs. Regardless of the situation, people who are arrested for drug offenses have the right to a defense. In the immediate aftermath of the arrest, it is vital to understand how the potential penalties are determined and what defenses are available.