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We work to keep your records out of the public eye

Any type of criminal conviction, even for charges involving marijuana or first-time drug possession, can haunt a Longview, Texas, resident for a long time. This is true even when the charge and conviction itself only involved probation or a fine. For example, someone convicted of a crime, even a misdemeanor, may have a harder time getting a job or securing adequate housing. Getting a loan can also be difficult, and a criminal history may mean that the person attracts the attention of about every police officer that sees them traveling along the road.

Determining impairment level in a suspected drunk driver

A police officer who is patrolling an area will watch for signs that something is amiss. This can be just about anything that is out of the ordinary. One of the activities the police are going to watch for as they ride around is drunk driving. Drivers who are too impaired to operate a vehicle pose a risk to other people on the road.