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April 2018 Archives

How does a drug court work?

Many times, a Longview, Texas, resident facing drug possession charges may be more than willing to admit that they made a mistake. However, what they hope for in their criminal case is an opportunity to prove that they have the ability to do what it takes to overcome their drug addiction and get the help they need to do better.

Does money have to change hands for a drug trafficking charge?

Although the image Longview residents may have of a drug deal is two or more people exchanging illegal contraband, like cocaine, for cash, in a dark alley, Texas's drug trafficking laws actually are much broader than one might think. They indeed cover a lot of situations in which even a good person who is ordinarily law-abiding can find himself in.

What are the legal consequences of a first-time DUI in Texas?

Consumption of alcohol can result in decreased coordination, slower reaction times and poor decision-making. It should come as little surprise that those symptoms of intoxication can make driving a motor vehicle much more dangerous than it typically is. Alcohol consumption can result in serious collisions or crashes, which is why Texas takes  driving while intoxicated (DWI) laws so seriously.

Do I have to take field sobriety tests if I get stopped?

Longview, Texas, residents, even those who have never been stopped on the suspicion of drunk driving, are probably aware of what the legal community calls "field sobriety tests." These are a battery of tests, often checking a person's ability to maintain their balance, that an officer will give a driver on the side of the road. The idea behind the tests is that if someone is not able to complete them and instead must, for example, constantly regain one's balance while standing on one foot, it is a sign the person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.