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An Attorney Who Understands How To Clear Your Criminal Record

Ryan Hill can determine your eligibility for expunction of your criminal record. If you qualify under Texas law, you deserve a clean slate. Ryan can file a lawsuit in a state district court and ask the court to order that all records of your arrest and formal charge be destroyed, erased, or deleted from the physical files and databases of government agencies. These agencies include police and sheriffs’ departments, the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, court and court clerks’ offices, prosecutors’ offices and other agencies.

What Exactly Is Expunction?

Under certain conditions, Texas law permits the expunction or clearing of criminal records. Law enforcement agencies, prosecutor’s offices, courts, and other government agencies retain written, videographic, audio recordings and database information about your criminal history. If you qualify for expunction, records of your arrest or criminal charge may be permanently cleared from these sources. An expunction is sometimes referred to as expungement.

Many of these records are available to the general public via public records and the internet. Protect your privacy and your future! Clear your criminal record by contacting Ryan today to find out if you are eligible for expunction.

Why Should I Get An Expunction?

Ryan Hill can determine whether you qualify for an expunction under Texas law based on your specific situation. There are a number of reasons why you should obtain an expunction and clear your criminal record.

  1. Current and prospective employers can obtain your criminal history when they perform background checks — you may lose your job or be denied employment based on your criminal history.
  2. Your application for housing may be denied by landlords or tenant boards, who use background checks to determine if you have a criminal history.
  3. Lenders may use background checks, including your criminal history, to determine your eligibility for loans or financial assistance.
  4. A criminal record may prevent you from obtaining or renewing a professional license or occupational certification.
  5. You may be prohibited from owning or carrying a firearm, if you have a criminal record.
  6. Law enforcement personnel can access your criminal record during a traffic stop.
  7. Non-U.S. citizens may face deportation or other immigration issues based on the existence of a criminal record.

If the court grants your expunction, you can legally deny that you were arrested, or that you were charged with the crime. This applies to job, housing, or loan applications and many other purposes. It takes time for government agencies to destroy, erase and delete your criminal records. Don’t delay! Contact Ryan to determine if you qualify for expunction.

Currently, Texas law allows expunctions for persons who meet the standards of eligibility under the law. However, the laws governing expunctions can change in the future. Protect yourself! Don’t lose the opportunity to clear your criminal record now!

Nondisclosure Of Arrest In Deferred Adjudication Cases And In Certain Misdemeanor Conviction Cases Where Found Guilty (Including First Time DWI)

If you have received deferred adjudication for a criminal charge, Ryan Hill can determine your eligibility for nondisclosure of your arrest information. Ryan may be able to file a motion for nondisclosure and keep your arrest record from being disclosed to the general public, if you have been granted deferred adjudication in particular criminal cases.

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