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Attorney Who Understands Prescription Drug Crime Cases

If you or someone you love has been arrested for possession or distribution of prescription drugs, or for prescription fraud, you need an experienced lawyer to defend your rights.

Ryan R. Hill, Attorney at Law, and staff have been defending the rights of individuals in Longview and the surrounding areas for more than 25 years. Ryan is well-known in the local, state and federal courts in East Texas, and he will fight to defend your rights as well as your freedom.

Illegal Prescription Drug Use Is On The Rise

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 7 million people were using prescription drugs without a prescription in 2010. This has become a national epidemic, and Texas law enforcement is concentrating its efforts on prescription drug crime.

Our firm represents clients charged with crimes involving these and other prescription drugs:

  • Xanax
  • Pain killers
  • Antidepressants
  • Ambien
  • Sleep aids
  • Vicodin
  • OxyContin
  • Codeine

We have extensive experience in handling drug crimes of all types, including prescription drug cases. Our attorney and staff will make themselves available to answer all of your questions.

The Most Prevalent Drug Dealer Is Now The Medicine Cabinet

Many people are getting prescription drugs out of the family medicine cabinet, or stealing them from friends and neighbors. There are also hundreds of cash-only pain clinics, that will work with a pharmacy to dispense these drugs without a thorough medical examination.

Most arrests for possession of prescription drugs involve people who do not have a prescription. You can be arrested for possession of prescription drugs if you do not have the prescription with you and cannot prove your prescription is legitimate.

The Harsh Penalties That Accompany A Prescription Drug Crime Conviction

Many people believe that the penalties for prescription drug crimes are lower because these drugs are given to people on a regular basis. This is not true. Depending on the type of drug in question and how much you had in your possession at the time of arrest, the penalties can be as high as 99 years in prison and $250,000 in fines. If you are an immigrant, there is a risk of deportation.

Ryan Hill will thoroughly investigate your arrest and the evidence the prosecution has against you. He will review video and audio recordings, and speak with witnesses, when appropriate. He will also look for possible instances of police error or misconduct during your arrest. He uses all of this to find the best possible outcome in your case and to protect your future.

You Have Rights — Let Us Protect Them

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