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Dedicated Representation In Theft And Burglary Crime Cases

It is important that no one take theft and burglary charges lightly. Even for first-time offenders, the consequences can be severe. It is therefore important to have on your side an experienced criminal defense attorney who can explain to you all of your legal options, and who will fight for your rights.

Ryan R. Hill, Attorney at Law, in Longview, has defended individuals charged with theft crimes since 1993. Ryan Hill has extensive understanding as to how courts try these cases throughout East Texas. He understands how to reduce or eliminate the consequences of your arrest. In the event your matter goes to trial, he is always ready to handle your case in court.

The Theft Charges We Defend Against

In Texas, theft charges concern the taking of another’s property without their consent. Burglary involves the entering of a home or business with the intent of committing a felony, theft or assault. Our law firm provides representation regarding charges involving:

  • All burglary crimes
  • Theft by check, including forgery and money laundering
  • Employee theft
  • Embezzlement and other kinds of fraud
  • Credit card theft
  • Theft of an automobile and its unauthorized use
  • Shoplifting and petty theft
  • Robbery and aggravated robbery

There are short-term and long-term consequences resulting from an arrest for theft or burglary. A conviction can result in jail time, fines, probation and the requirement of restitution. It can also result in a permanent criminal record that may prevent you from obtaining a particular kind of job or from leasing an apartment.

When handling your case, we will negotiate with prosecutors to get your charges reduced or dismissed. As a seasoned lawyer and litigator, Ryan Hill knows what to anticipate at trial and challenge evidence brought against you.

Let Us Serve You

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