Multi-agency investigation leads to man’s arrest for drug crimes

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2018 | Drug Possession

Given the ongoing struggle with drugs in Texas and across the U.S., law enforcement agencies both local and federal are engaged in trying to put a stop to their sale. Accompanying that will be investigations and arrests for drug possession, drug sales and drug trafficking. When a person is caught in one of these large-scale investigations, the litany of accusations and penalties that will go along with a conviction can be intimidating. However, it is critical to remember that law enforcement is required to adhere to certain procedures, and there are often numerous ways to lodge a strong defense.

A 34-year-old man who resides in Longview was arrested on drug charges and theft as part of an ongoing investigation. The arrest came as deputies executed a search warrant. They also found a motorcycle that had been reported stolen. There were several agencies involved in the investigation including the Drug Enforcement Administration; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; and Longview SWAT. During the search, marijuana, methamphetamine and Xanax were found. The man faces multiple charges including felony possession of a controlled substance, misdemeanor marijuana possession and charges related to the motorcycle.

There is a social stigma related to people who are arrested on drug charges, and the impact can go far beyond the criminal charges. It can lead to major issues in a person’s life even after the case is concluded. Those who are dealing with allegations of drug crimes must remember their right to a strong defense. It is possible that the search was not done according to established law enforcement protocol making any evidence that was acquired inadmissible. There could be a reasonable explanation for the person to have been caught in a situation where drugs were present. It might be possible to negotiate a plea agreement to avoid the harshest penalties. There is even the potential for an acquittal.

Whether the charges are related to street drugs, prescription drugs or a combination, those who are facing allegations of drug crimes must make certain they are protected. A law firm that is experienced in a wide array of drug defense can be integral to a case.

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