The importance of legal help with drug trafficking charges

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2018 | Drug Charges

Despite attempts on the part of Texas law enforcement and by the federal government to reduce drugs coming into the U.S. and being sold across the country, the problem is still significant. That can lead to people being arrested for a variety of criminal acts related to drugs, possession and sales. Often, people who are considered “low level” are arrested and charged with sale of small amounts of drugs. Others are arrested for possession with an amount that is likely for personal use. These can be problematic, but there are worse accusations.

What can really result in hefty charges is allegations of drug trafficking and distribution. People who are arrested on these charges must be aware of what they are facing and have legal help to lodge a defense. Since Texas is on the border, it is known as a location where drugs enter the U.S. Attempts on the part of lawmakers and law enforcement to reduce drug transactions has resulted in substantial penalties for those convicted. People can be jailed for a minimum of six months and up to life. There can be fines for up to a quarter of a million dollars. Personal property can be confiscated as part of the case. Those who are immigrants can be deported. To avoid these penalties, it is critical to have legal assistance.

A law firm that specializes in helping those who have been arrested for drug crimes is one of the most important calls to make. It is possible that there were issues with the arrest that make the evidence inadmissible. The person might be able to get the charges reduced in a plea bargain. Understanding the various aspects that are considered when there is a drug arrest including what the drug was, how much the person had, if there were charges and convictions in the past and other factors will be critical. A law firm that has skill with drug cases can help.

It can be intimidating to be arrested and alleged to have taken part in drug trafficking. Law enforcement and prosecutors will do their best to scare the person into confessing or not getting the legal help that he or she needs. Having legal assistance is a right and it should not be ignored. Calling a lawyer that has experience with defending clients arrested for drug crimes is the first thing that a person arrested on drug charges should do.

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