What if you’re ordered to have an IID but you use a company car?

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No one wants to tell their boss that they’ve gotten a DWI and are required to have an ignition interlock device (IID) for months or maybe longer. If you drive a company vehicle as part of your job, however, you’ll need to have that conversation.

Texas law requires those who choose to get an IID to restore their driving privileges with a restricted license to have this device installed in any vehicle they’ll be driving. That’s done at the driver’s expense. Texas does provide financial help with the expenses for those who need it.

There is an exception in the law when it comes to not being able to legally operate a vehicle that doesn’t have an IID when it comes to work vehicles. The exception may be used if a person is required to drive a vehicle as part of their job and that vehicle is owned by their employer. However, this doesn’t apply if you are self-employed or a co-owner of the company that owns the vehicle.

Written consent is needed to waive the IID requirement

If your employer gives their permission for you to continue to drive one of their vehicles without an IID installed, they’ll need to complete and sign an employer exemption form. You’ll need to keep this with you so that you have it in case you’re stopped by law enforcement. 

Another option might be to offer to use your own vehicle for the period an IID is required. If you just use the boss’s car occasionally to make pick-ups and deliveries, you may be able to do that. It’s doubtful your employer would be willing to install an IID on one of their vehicles, even if you pay for it.

Of course, none of this applies to vehicles for which a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is required. A DWI conviction when you have a commercial license can have much more serious career ramifications.

Most people don’t realize how many areas of their life can be affected by a DWI conviction until they’re looking at the possibility of one. That’s why it’s wise to take the time to explore your options before you simply plead guilty. There could be problems with the way the traffic stop was conducted, the equipment used for the breath test and any number of other things. That’s why it’s smart to have legal guidance.

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