Is kratom legal for people to use and possess in Texas?

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Some of the most potent medicines in the world come directly from plants. Although researchers have since largely replaced them with stronger and cheaper synthetic opioids, earlier opiate painkillers came directly from the latex extracted from opium poppies. Caffeine occurs naturally in multiple different plants and has as many therapeutic uses as it does social and recreational ones.

In recent years, people have become interested in kratom, the common name for the Southeast Asian tree whose proper name is Mitragyna speciosa and the powder made from its leaves. Depending on the dosage and the mode of delivery, people can drive both pain relief and stimulant effects from kratom, making it a replacement for either pain relief medication or caffeine.

Is kratom legal in Texas?

Texas lawmakers have not officially banned kratom

Although multiple other states have already taken steps to prohibit this increasingly popular plant, Texas does not currently have a law against kratom use or possession. In fact, you can find multiple stores here in Longview that sell various kinds of kratom and kratom extracts.

Although possession and use of kratom are not illegal, it could still potentially lead to criminal charges. Given the mind-altering effects of the plant, those using it before driving could face impaired driving charges. Kratom has a reputation for helping those struggling with opioid dependence, which means that those who might try kratom could also be at risk of drug charges for the illegal possession of prescription drugs.

Choosing a less-harm option is responsible when dealing with chemical dependence, but it won’t completely protect you from the possibility of drug charges. The better you understand the laws in Texas, the easier it will be for you to protect yourself.


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