Can a DWI arrest affect your job and career prospects in Texas?

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Being arrested for a DWI comes with consequences that go beyond a criminal conviction if you are found guilty. 

Some of the obvious consequences of a DWI conviction may include losing your driver’s license, paying fines or, worse still, serving time in jail. But did you know a DWI conviction can also impact your current job as well as future career prospects?

A DWI conviction and your employment prospects

A DWI conviction can spell trouble for your career prospects. In the era of background checks, a conviction on your record can give potential employers the impression that you:

  • Are unreliable and prone to making poor choices
  • Are a potential repeat offender
  • Can endanger your co-workers and the organization’s assets

A DWI conviction can immediately disqualify you from jobs that involve driving, operating dangerous machinery or being in charge of other people’s safety. Besides, in careers where your character is a concern, any criminal conviction can pose unfavorable consequences. 

DWI conviction and your current employment

If you are convicted of DWI in Texas, the first concern you will have is whether you will escape jail term and continue with your work. Being an at-will state, employers in Texas can terminate your employment for no reason at all. Even if you are protected by a contract, there may be a clause in your employment contract that allows your employer to dismiss you if you have been convicted of certain crimes. And if your conviction results in considerable jail time, it is highly likely that you may lose your job. 

Even if you avoid jail, several factors can determine whether you will keep your job. Here are some of them:

  • Your employer’s tolerance for retaining convicted employees
  • Whether you pose a security concern for your job and co-workers
  • Whether your driver’s license is suspended or restricted
  • Whether you lose your right to hold a special license required for your job

A DWI conviction in Texas can have lasting consequences for your personal as well as professional life. Knowing how to defend yourself when faced with DWI charges can help you protect your rights and eliminate the risk and impact of a conviction. 

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