Texas DWI charges: Do you still need an attorney if you are ready to enter a guilty plea?

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Let’s face it, sometimes people did exactly what the police accused them of doing. That means they are guilty. If you are guilty of the DWI charges you are being accused of, you might be wondering whether you really need to hire an attorney. Well, the answer is YES, and here are the reasons why:

  1. To ensure that your rights are not violated during the trial period

As a citizen of the U.S., the Constitution protects you from unlawful arrests, searches and seizures, and interrogation. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the police to violate your Constitutional rights during a stop, an arrest, questioning. An attorney will ensure that your rights are not violated and that you get a fair trial.

  1. To ensure there are no problems with the State’s evidence

Sometimes, problems may arise with the prosecution’s evidence. The arresting officer may transfer employment before the conclusion of your case, witness testimony may conflict or crucial evidence might go missing. Without an attorney by your side, the prosecutor may be reluctant in informing you about these problems.

  1. To ensure you receive a fair trial and punishment for your crime

There is a large range of punishment for DWI-related offenses in Texas. First-time DWI offenders can expect a jail term of up to 180 days, up to $2,000 in fine or 2-year probation. Most prosecutors have a cookie-cutter plea approach for defendants. However, having an attorney by your side will ensure that you are treated fairly and receive a just sentence for your offense.

  1. To ensure that you do not lose your right to drive

There are two possible license suspensions in Texas for DWI offenders. The first is an ALR suspension while the second is a suspension if you have been found guilty of DWI. With a DWI attorney by your side, your right to drive will be properly defended and where necessary, they will draft and present a petition for an occupational driver’s license to the judge.

While you are entitled to represent yourself in a DWI trial, it is almost never a great idea. Inadequate legal knowledge and trial skills can put you at a serious disadvantage. Hiring an experienced DWI attorney can help you face the process with confidence, protect your rights and receive a fair trial.

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