Follow your bond conditions

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Following your bond conditions is important. If you break the rules, you go to jail in the vast majority of cases.

As criminal defense attorneys, we work to get the most lenient bond rules possible. Apart from that, one of the things that we do to protect our clients is communicate how important following bond conditions truly is.

Stay free

The first and most obvious consequence of violating a bond condition is going to jail. You could think of bond as your second chance to stay free while you work towards a not-guilty verdict or a dropped case. It is nearly impossible to get a third chance.

Therefore, it is important that you know the rules and follow them. Please do not make any assumptions about what is or is not in your bond order — ignorance is not a valid defense.

Strengthen your case

There are very few absolutes in criminal law other than your civil rights. The judge often has some room to make decisions based on the evidence and your unique situation. Therefore, you probably want to do everything possible to persuade the court to decide in your favor whenever it has the option.

Losing your freedom is not the only downside of being in custody. Imprisonment also severely damages your credibility in almost every situation.

Basically, judges allow you to go free on bond. The trade-off is that they set conditions to protect others. If you violate those conditions, it could strengthen the prosecution’s case by implying that you are dangerous.

Do the right thing

Following the rules shows self-control, respect for the law and many other qualities that a judge would likely find favorable. It is not always easy, especially when you are in an uncertain, stressful time. We would nevertheless urge you to protect your freedom and your future — to follow your bond conditions.

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