Do you need help with a petition for nondisclosure in Texas?

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Do you dread filing out a job application because of what you expect every potential employer to find in your background check? Your offense may have been minor, but how many people take the time to consider that before tossing your resume away? You may experience something like that merely for being charged with some offenses — let alone after a conviction!

An order of nondisclosure in Texas may help. An order of nondisclosure protects your name and future by helping you eliminate the record of your past mistakes from ordinary background checks. In addition, you may legally deny the arrest ever happened on job applications, loan applications, rental forms and more.

Unfortunately, not every criminal charge or conviction is eligible for an order of nondisclosure. Many misdemeanors are eligible for an order of nondisclosure right after the case is discharged or dismissed, while others must be at least two years old (with no further serious offenses) before they’re eligible. Felony offenses, if they are eligible, generally have to be at least five years past the point of discharge or dismissal before they’re eligible for the same.

The benefits of an order of nondisclosure are enormous, and our office can help you:

  • Determine if you are eligible to receive one for a past crime on your record
  • Determine if such an order would truly benefit you
  • Draft and file the proper petition for nondisclosure for the court to review
  • Attend a hearing on the issue if the judge requires it before issuing the order
  • Help you enforce the nondisclosure order, once you receive it

If you have a past conviction for driving while intoxicated or another mistake from long ago is haunting your steps, talk to someone in our office today about your case.

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