Promote sober driving this year with these tips

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2019 | DWI

When someone is arrested for a drunk driving accident, it could potentially cause them to face serious charges, which could include jail time. 

Here are tips that you can use to help yourself and your friends to not wind up in this serious situation: 

  1. Take the pledge yourself. Vow that you won’t risk getting behind the wheel with even one drink in your system. If you’re heading out to a party or bar, decide whether you’re driving or drinking. You can’t do both.
  2. Be the sober driver for your friends. If nobody else in your social circle seems willing, collect your friends’ keys and tell them they owe you one.
  3. Put the Uber app and the Lyft app on your phone and set your account up before you head out.
  4. If you have friends or relatives who drink, be “that guy (or gal)” who can be called at any hour of the night for a ride — no questions asked, and no lectures given.
  5. If you host a party with alcohol, pass out pillows and blankets to your inebriated guests if they can’t get home safely. Offer rides or pay their Uber fares if you must. Whatever it takes to keep them off the road.

If you do make a mistake and end up arrested for drunk driving, don’t take chances with your future. Texas is serious about prosecuting drunk drivers to the fullest extent of the law. You need experienced legal representation, like the attorneys in our office, can provide.  We have 25 years experience representing people arrested for DWI’s.  

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