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Man charged with DWI after attempted stop

A case involving allegations of drunk driving in Longview is often complicated by other charges that accompany the DWI. This can be due to many factors, including an attempt to flee the scene, possession of certain items in the vehicle, and more. The amount of alcohol in a person's bloodstream and whether there were previous convictions can make it even more difficult. No matter the allegations, however, every case can be defended and those who are charged must bear that in mind as they try to craft a defense.

Alleged drunk driving crash leads to intoxication assault charge

Drivers in Longview and throughout Texas should know that with a DWI charge, the situation will largely dictate the level of charges and the accompanying penalties that the person will face. This can go beyond the basic DWI penalties of losing a driver's license, a fine and perhaps jail time. Of course, the aftermath of a DWI can be problematic in other aspects of life, but, when it is an intoxication assault charge, it is substantially worse. In any event, a legal defense is vital.

What can happen to minors facing DWI in Texas?

Texas law enforcement and legislators take all alcohol-related driving violations seriously. Even more serious is when a minor is facing DWI allegations. For those under 21 who are confronted with DWI charges, it is vital to know how the state handles charging a minor, what the blood-alcohol content rules are, when an officer can make a traffic stop, and what implied consent means.

Don't navigate DWI matters alone

Texas law enforcement is vigilant about drivers who might be operating their vehicles under the influence. Being charged with DWI can have long-lasting consequences on a person's life. Depending on the level of charges and what happened to spur the arrest, people can face long jail sentences, massive fines, the requirement that an ignition interlock device be placed on the driver's vehicle, and the loss of driving privileges among other penalties. When there is an allegation that a person from Longview and the surrounding areas has been committing DWI, having legal assistance is a must.

Man charged with DWI faces resisting arrest and other charges

Drivers in Longview and the surrounding areas of Texas should know that when they are arrested for driving while intoxicated, they will be confronted with a litany of penalties that can have a negative effect on their lives. For many, it goes beyond a simple arrest for drunk driving and extends to other charges.

Texas' open container law and the need for a DWI attorney

People in Texas who are stopped by law enforcement investigating a possible case of driving while intoxicated should know other aspects of the law that regulate alcohol in a vehicle. Having possession of an alcoholic beverage while driving can also lead to legal issues. This is often referred to as the "open container" law. When facing charges related to having an open container as well as other charges related to driving while intoxicated, having legal help from an attorney experienced in these cases is critical to a satisfactory resolution and avoiding the harshest penalties.

What are the legal consequences of a first-time DUI in Texas?

Consumption of alcohol can result in decreased coordination, slower reaction times and poor decision-making. It should come as little surprise that those symptoms of intoxication can make driving a motor vehicle much more dangerous than it typically is. Alcohol consumption can result in serious collisions or crashes, which is why Texas takes  driving while intoxicated (DWI) laws so seriously.

Do I have to take field sobriety tests if I get stopped?

Longview, Texas, residents, even those who have never been stopped on the suspicion of drunk driving, are probably aware of what the legal community calls "field sobriety tests." These are a battery of tests, often checking a person's ability to maintain their balance, that an officer will give a driver on the side of the road. The idea behind the tests is that if someone is not able to complete them and instead must, for example, constantly regain one's balance while standing on one foot, it is a sign the person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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