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Couple faces allegations of multiple drug crimes after arrest

Since drugs can be so problematic for Longview residents and for people throughout Texas, law enforcement officers try to make arrests and stop those who are involved in drug activity. To do this, there will be investigations, coordinated enforcement and other strategies to catch and arrest those who might be taking part in drug sales, drug trafficking and other crimes. People who are facing charges related to drugs should remember their right to a strong defense, as there can be significant penalties for a conviction.

What are the penalties for drug crimes delivering to a child?

While there is an ongoing debate as to whether recreational marijuana should be made legal and many states are decriminalizing it, Texas is not one of them yet. When a person is placed under arrest and charged with allegations of legal violations related to marijuana, there can be severe penalties assessed if there is a conviction. The state takes these crimes very seriously and those who are arrested must make certain that they understand the level of penalties they are facing and that they plan a strong defense.

Does money have to change hands for a drug trafficking charge?

Although the image Longview residents may have of a drug deal is two or more people exchanging illegal contraband, like cocaine, for cash, in a dark alley, Texas's drug trafficking laws actually are much broader than one might think. They indeed cover a lot of situations in which even a good person who is ordinarily law-abiding can find himself in.

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