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Woman arrested for possessing crack cocaine, pills and marijuana

People in Longview and throughout Texas who find themselves under arrest for drug possession and related charges might not know where to turn when they are dealing with the issue. This is especially relevant when there is an arrest and drugs such as crack cocaine is allegedly part of the case. Another issue that is taking its toll on society is prescription pills and law enforcement is on the lookout for that. Add in marijuana and how it is still being debated as to its dangers and whether it should be legalized or not and anyone who is arrested on charges related to one or all these should remember that they need legal protection for the upcoming case.

Drug crimes in Texas include delivering drug paraphernalia

People in Longview should know that allegations of legal violations related to drugs can come in many forms. It is not necessarily just those who are caught dealing drugs or in possession of them who can find themselves facing criminal charges. Other activities can also result in criminal charges. This includes possessing or delivering drug paraphernalia. Any arrest on drug crimes can have serious, long-term consequences. Knowing the law and how to craft a viable defense is integral to avoiding the harshest penalties.

How does a drug court work?

Many times, a Longview, Texas, resident facing drug possession charges may be more than willing to admit that they made a mistake. However, what they hope for in their criminal case is an opportunity to prove that they have the ability to do what it takes to overcome their drug addiction and get the help they need to do better.

We work to keep your records out of the public eye

Any type of criminal conviction, even for charges involving marijuana or first-time drug possession, can haunt a Longview, Texas, resident for a long time. This is true even when the charge and conviction itself only involved probation or a fine. For example, someone convicted of a crime, even a misdemeanor, may have a harder time getting a job or securing adequate housing. Getting a loan can also be difficult, and a criminal history may mean that the person attracts the attention of about every police officer that sees them traveling along the road.

Where does Texas stand on marijuana?

Marijuana has become increasingly socially acceptable in recent years. More states every year vote to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. As people see that crime rates do not end up spiking in these states, prohibition seems like a lost cause. However, many states, including Texas, still criminalize the possession, use and cultivation of marijuana for most people.

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