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Know how to assert your rights during a traffic stop

A lot of times, a police investigation starts with nothing more than a simple traffic stop and a few innocent-sounding questions. The next thing a suspect knows, he or she is being hauled away on charges of drug possession or something worse after the officer finds a little marijuana or a few prescription pills in the suspect's car.

Longview man arrested for drug crimes related to methamphetamine

Since drugs are viewed as a major issue in Longview and across Texas, law enforcement is heavily engaged in trying to catch and arrest those accused of drug possession, drug dealing or drug trafficking. Drug crimes are believed to be the impetus for other criminal acts, so it is no surprise that police and prosecutors are aggressive in seeking convictions.

How does Texas law deal with the sale of marijuana?

Despite ongoing changes as to how marijuana is dealt with across the nation, Texas has yet to legalize the use and sale of the drug except for very specific instances for medical necessities. Drug possession and sale are still taken seriously. When a person is arrested for the sale of marijuana, there are still various penalties that can be assessed if there is a conviction. Understanding the law for amounts and the penalties that accompany it is critical when crafting a defense.

Multi-agency investigation leads to man's arrest for drug crimes

Given the ongoing struggle with drugs in Texas and across the U.S., law enforcement agencies both local and federal are engaged in trying to put a stop to their sale. Accompanying that will be investigations and arrests for drug possession, drug sales and drug trafficking. When a person is caught in one of these large-scale investigations, the litany of accusations and penalties that will go along with a conviction can be intimidating. However, it is critical to remember that law enforcement is required to adhere to certain procedures, and there are often numerous ways to lodge a strong defense.

Drug crimes: how penalties are determined and potential defenses

Texans who are arrested for drug possession will be understandably fearful of what the future holds. The prospect of jail time, fines, lost standing in the community and a criminal record might seem to be too much to bear. Those who are not involved in the sale of drugs but possessed it for their own use will face different consequences than those who are selling drugs. Regardless of the situation, people who are arrested for drug offenses have the right to a defense. In the immediate aftermath of the arrest, it is vital to understand how the potential penalties are determined and what defenses are available.

Woman arrested for possessing crack cocaine, pills and marijuana

People in Longview and throughout Texas who find themselves under arrest for drug possession and related charges might not know where to turn when they are dealing with the issue. This is especially relevant when there is an arrest and drugs such as crack cocaine is allegedly part of the case. Another issue that is taking its toll on society is prescription pills and law enforcement is on the lookout for that. Add in marijuana and how it is still being debated as to its dangers and whether it should be legalized or not and anyone who is arrested on charges related to one or all these should remember that they need legal protection for the upcoming case.

Drug crimes in Texas include delivering drug paraphernalia

People in Longview should know that allegations of legal violations related to drugs can come in many forms. It is not necessarily just those who are caught dealing drugs or in possession of them who can find themselves facing criminal charges. Other activities can also result in criminal charges. This includes possessing or delivering drug paraphernalia. Any arrest on drug crimes can have serious, long-term consequences. Knowing the law and how to craft a viable defense is integral to avoiding the harshest penalties.

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