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New protocols for drug cases announced in Travis County

There are very few people who believe that prosecuting addicts for possessing small amounts of drugs and handing them hefty prison sentences is doing anything to change the national drug problem. Now, at least one Texas district attorney is taking measures to re-write the rules on how certain drug cases are handled.

Is the 'war on drugs' racist?

The "Drug War" in America has been raging on for decades, and people keep going to jail on possession charges -- despite every indication that jailing people for crimes of addiction is pointless. Even worse, it is increasingly apparent that drug laws are applied unevenly against people of color.

Advocates for marijuana reform push for new legislation in Texas

Texas has been very slow to decriminalize marijuana in any way, even for medicinal purposes. Meanwhile, states as diverse as Alaska, California, Colorado, Michigan and Maine have legalized the drug for recreational use to some degree.

Know how to assert your rights during a traffic stop

A lot of times, a police investigation starts with nothing more than a simple traffic stop and a few innocent-sounding questions. The next thing a suspect knows, he or she is being hauled away on charges of drug possession or something worse after the officer finds a little marijuana or a few prescription pills in the suspect's car.