Longview DWI: Can you fool a breathalyzer test?

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If you ask people how they escaped just about any potentially consequential situation or event, you will probably hear many different techniques. Some of them could work, but chances are, most will not.

Take a DWI traffic stop, for example. The police will probably conduct a breath test to confirm if you are drunk. According to some people, there are several ways to fool a breathalyzer and avoid DWI charges.

Have a meal or snack

Many believe that eating something will absorb any alcohol in your system. That may or may not be so, but eating something will not change the alcohol already present in your bloodstream. Eating before a breathalyzer to affect the results is a myth.

Put a penny in your mouth

If you suck on a copper penny, can it change the results of a breathalyzer? Although widely believed, putting a penny in your mouth will likely not affect a breath test. Sucking on a penny is another DWI testing myth.

Mask the breath and the sample

Some swear that using breath spray or mouthwash ahead of a test will mask both the odor and the sample. These products typically contain alcohol and may raise your breath test results, making this technique nothing more than a myth.

Hyperventilation could work, but

This theory has some merit, but it does not have enough trust. When you breathe deeply and rapidly, the alcohol-infused air in your lungs gets replaced by fresh air. However, hyperventilating leads to dizziness, which will probably add to the police officer’s suspicion of DWI.

Breathalyzer tests can be inaccurate, but not because of any myth. Instead of relying on questionable theories, seek legal guidance and learn more about the specific Texas DWI charges against you.

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