New campaign takes aim against drunk driving in Texas

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Drunk driving can quickly get you into trouble with the law and land you with a DWI. Texas is very hard on those who choose to drink and drive, and it is cracking down with further campaigns to stop drunk or impaired driving.

The Texas Department of Transportation reports that at least one person dies in Texas every eight hours and 31 minutes, all because of drunk driving crashes. For yourself and others who may be at risk, it’s important to avoid drinking and driving and to focus on driving only when you’re able to do so without impairments.

Since DWIs are such a big problem in Texas (there were reportedly 872 crashes related to alcohol over the 2021 spring break alone), TxDOT has begun a new DWI campaign called “Drive Sober. No Regrets.”

Drunk driving crashes are preventable

The one thing that TxDOT is trying to get across is that drunk driving is a preventable action. A person can choose not to drink, and they can choose to get a ride home if they have been drinking.

There are several options to help you get home safely if you’ve been drinking, such as:

  • Calling a friend
  • Asking for a ride with a family member
  • Using public transportation
  • Calling a cab
  • Contacting a rideshare company for a ride

These are just a few possible options, and they will help keep you and others safe.

The Texas Department of Transportation says that 1,029 people were killed in 2021 due to drink drivers, and another 2,522 were injured. Both those who are not drunk and those who are driving while impaired may be injured in these crashes, which is something to consider if you’ve thought about driving home drunk.

Accused of driving while impaired?

If you have been accused of driving while impaired, then it is important for you to look into your options. Texas is hard on people who choose to drive while impaired, but there can be mistakes made. People are human, and the process of identifying who is or is not impaired is not always perfect.

If you’re accused of driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol, know your rights. You can defend yourself and fight to be treated fairly.

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