Can you go to Colorado to get edibles when you live in Texas?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2022 | Drug Charges

You live in Texas, where marijuana is still illegal. This is changing in places like Colorado or Illinois, but it hasn’t yet changed in Texas. You’re not sure if it’s ever going to.

What you do know, however, is that you can drive to Colorado and legally buy edibles or other types of marijuana products. If you want to use them but you can’t buy them in your state, could you just drive to Colorado and purchase them legally there, and then drive back home?

This violates both state and federal laws

This may be physically possible, but you’re putting yourself in a very difficult position, legally speaking. For one thing, crossing state lines with marijuana is illegal because this makes it a federal crime. Even though the laws in Colorado may have changed, the laws at the federal level still have not. You could face charges just for driving over state lines with the edibles, even if they’re legal. 

Additionally, they still aren’t legal in Texas, even if you bought them somewhere else. The point of purchase doesn’t matter. All the police are worried about is where you are when you possess or use the product. Once you’re back in Texas, if they discover that you have these on you, you could still face legal charges. The police aren’t going to be swayed by the fact that you legally purchase them in a different state.

If you do find yourself facing serious charges after doing something that you assumed was legal, you need to know about all of your defense options.