Texas DWI: Are there any rules in place when bonding out of jail?

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When you post your bond (or bail) after a DWI arrest, you are allowed to leave the jail until your day in court arrives. Many people believe they can continue living life the way they did before the arrest. However, when you bond out of jail, you will almost certainly have to comply with the bond conditions set forth by a Texas judge.

You might feel tempted to cheat a little on your bond conditions, but we recommend full compliance unless you intend to challenge the conditions. Even then, you should comply until the judge modifies the terms of your bond if you wish to avoid further legal trouble.

Examples of bond conditions in Longview, Texas

Judges in our state have a lot of flexibility in setting forth the conditions of a DWI bond. Some judges impose very restrictive bond terms, including:

  • Orders not to leave the state
  • Orders to abstain from drugs and alcohol
  • Orders to submit to random testing for alcohol or drugs
  • Orders to install an ignition interlock device
  • Orders not to operate a vehicle
  • Orders to abide by a curfew
  • Orders to wear an electronic monitoring device

Many people want to know why people presumed innocent until proven guilty get treated like a conviction already occurred. Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question, but we understand why people ask. Even though you feel the state treated you poorly, you still have rights that could help you improve your situation (the right to counsel, for example).

We suggest learning more about Texas DWI and bond laws. Such knowledge can help you determine how best to address your circumstances, including how to challenge the conditions of your bond, if necessary.

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