Probation terms for a DWI conviction can be strict

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Getting sentenced to probation following a conviction for DWI or a guilty plea can be a great alternative to a jail sentence. But probation is far from an easy ride. The terms of probation as a DWI sentence can be onerous, and if you are accused of violating a condition, the consequences can be severe.

City council member accused of violating DWI probation

A Fort Worth City Council member is facing the possible revocation of his probation related to DWI for allegedly violating its terms several times. As part of his probation, the council member, Cary Moon, had to install an ignition interlock device in his vehicle. As you probably know, this is a breath-test device that you must blow into before you can start the engine. If the device detects alcohol on your breath beyond a certain amount, the car will not turn on, and the device will send a report to the authorities. Court records claim that Moon’s ignition interlock recorded 17 high alcohol readings between early June and mid-September.

Besides drinking alcohol, Moon is accused of failing to submit to urine testing, leaving Texas without permission, and failing to complete his ordered community service. The assistant county attorney for Johnson County is seeking an arrest warrant to begin the revocation process. Moon said he intended to fight the motion.

Depending on the outcome of the hearing, Moon could face more serious punishment related to his no-contest plea on the original DWI charge.

Knowledge is power

For many people facing DWI charges, accepting probation as part of a plea bargain with the prosecutor can be an acceptable outcome that keeps them out of jail. But you should be aware that probation requires you to follow a lot of rules, and you will still have a DWI on your record. Understanding the potential consequences of your choices helps you make smarter decisions about your legal defense.

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