Some medications can make you more intoxicated 

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You may assume, as many people do, that you can drive after a single drink. Maybe you went out to eat, had a glass of wine, and decided to drive home. Getting arrested for drunk driving was the furthest thing from your mind. 

But, say you had also been taking medications, even those you can just buy over the counter. Are they going to make it more likely that you get stopped or even arrested? Are they going to make you more intoxicated? They absolutely can amplify the effects of alcohol and you need to be aware of that risk. 

When a cold leads to legal charges

For example, maybe you have a mild cold. NyQuil is one of the most popular cold medications. You should take it and drive because it makes you tired, but you really shouldn’t take it and then have a drink. Not only can this be dangerous — some complications can be fatal — but it could also lead to:

  • Extreme dizziness
  • Loss of coordinator
  • Increased drowsiness
  • Upset stomach
  • Increased heart rate

In short, all of the things that alcohol does to you can be exaggerated. You may be used to how one drink impacts you and feel that it’s safe to drive, but if you had that drink after taking medicine, it could hit you very differently than you assume. And that combination is what could lead to allegations of impaired driving. 

If you do find yourself facing such charges after a simple mistake, be very sure you know about all of the legal defense options you have at your disposal. A single mistake shouldn’t be allowed to affect your entire future. 

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