DWI charges and time behind bars

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If you are facing DWI charges, you need to review the potential consequences of your case and prepare for the different ways in which these allegations will affect your future. Aside from losing your driving privileges for a year or longer (depending on the details of your case) and paying stiff fines, you could face a lengthy prison sentence as well. 

Sometimes, people who are facing DWI charges feel so overwhelmed that they fail to review all of their legal options and the details of their case closely. 

Looking at details that affect prison sentences for DWI

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, those charged with DWI could spend time behind bars if they are convicted. Some first-time offenders have to spend up to 180 days behind bars, but the penalties are much harsher for those with previous offenses on their record. If you are charged with DWI a second time, you could spend up to a year behind bars. Those charged with DWI for the third time could face up to ten years behind bars. Moreover, if someone is dealing with a DWI and a passenger under the age of 15 was in the vehicle, they could face two years behind bars. 

Looking at the impact of prison time

Time behind bars has the potential to disrupt your life in many different ways, whether you are unable to spend time with your family, develop your career or simply enjoy life. Unfortunately, some people are unaware of legal strategies to protect their futures and fail to take the right course of action in court. 

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