Longview doctor charged with child sex crimes

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Persons whose professions are governed by one or more government agencies face significant sanctions if they are accused of certain notorious crimes. In Texas, these sanctions can range from a reprimand from the governing agency to loss of their right to practice their profession. The recent case of a physician in Longview demonstrates how punitive such sanctions can been.

The criminal charges

The defendant in the case is a physician in Longview who has been charged with two counts of sexual abuse of minor children. He was arrested by Longview police on Friday, August 14, and booked into the Gregg County Jail. Each charge carries a cash bail requirement of $500,000. The two criminal counts are based upon allegations made to the Texas Medical Board by two teenage male patients.

License suspended

The defendant’s medical license was suspended earlier in the week by the Texas Medical Board after two patients complained that he touched each of them inappropriately during unchaperoned visits to his office. The defendant’s practice was called the “Adolescent Care Team.” The two complainants had been treated by the defendant between April 2019 and April 2020. The two teenagers alleged that the suspect had rubbed their abdomens and genitals and then told each boy to remain silent about the examinations.

The long view

Like all defendants, the suspect in this case is entitled to be presumed to be innocent unless and until he has been found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Despite this presumption, the defendant will not be able to practice his profession for the foreseeable future. The assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney may prove invaluable in such cases. A capable defense attorney can provide an evaluation of the evidence, examine the record for violations of the defendant’s constitutional rights and, if appropriate, negotiate an effective plea agreement.


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