How can you fight a drug trafficking charge?

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If you’re caught with a large quantity of drugs, a combination of several different kinds of drugs, or drugs and a lot of cash, the odds are high that you’ll be charged with drug trafficking — which is a far more serious charge than mere possession.

How can you fight back against drug trafficking charges? Here are some possible defenses:

1. The evidence was obtained illegally

Flaws in the warrant that allowed the search on your home or a lack of probable cause to stop your vehicle and initiate a search can be fatal to the prosecution’s case.

2. There was a lack of knowledge

The state has to prove that you knew the drugs were in your car or wherever they were found. That might be hard to do if you were driving a rental or a borrowed car with drugs hidden inside.

3. You were under duress

If you were threatened into complying with a drug trafficking scheme out of fear for your life or someone else’s life, that’s a type of affirmative defense that can be used.

4. There was entrapment

There are times when the police will be so eager to make an arrest that they’ll push someone into committing a crime that they wouldn’t normally do. Undercover operations sometimes make that kind of mistake. If you were goaded into taking part in drug trafficking by the authorities, that’s another potential avenue of defense.

5. You were actually a victim

Drug traffickers will take advantage of innocent travelers and desperate drug addicts alike to move their products. If you were put in that position somehow, it may be possible to mitigate your role and obtain a reduced sentence.

Drug trafficking charges never go away on their own. Protect your rights through an aggressive defense.

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