Do you know what constitutes a prescription drug crime?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2018 | Drug Possession

There are all sorts of ways to get into legal trouble with prescription drugs these days. It’s even possible that you may have already committed a drug crime without realizing it.

The Texas Controlled Substances Act governs the rules surrounding prescription medication within the state. Here are some common ways that people wind up in trouble over prescriptions:

  • Doctor shopping: Every prescription your doctor writes for narcotics is now kept in a database. Obtaining two prescriptions for the same medication from more than one doctor without proper disclosure is a quick way to end up facing charges.
  • Altered prescriptions: Did your doctor forget to put the dosage on your prescription? Don’t add it in yourself. Even if you aren’t trying to deceive the pharmacist, altering a prescription is fraud.
  • Forged prescriptions: Some people steal prescription pads from their doctors to illegally obtain medication or sell the prescriptions to others. This kind of activity can lead to lengthy prison sentences.
  • Borrowed medication: Did you know that it’s illegal to give your medication to someone else? While you might genuinely be trying to help your brother-in-law’s bad back, for example, giving him your extra Vicodin can land you in serious trouble. It could also land your brother-in-law in trouble for illegal drug possession.
  • Ordering prescriptions online: It’s illegal for people in the United States to order controlled substances from overseas pharmacies. However, many people do it because they can get medication cheaply and without a prescription.

If you’ve been charged with a prescription drug crime, make sure that you have an experienced attorney to help you understand your rights.

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