Woman arrested for possessing crack cocaine, pills and marijuana

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People in Longview and throughout Texas who find themselves under arrest for drug possession and related charges might not know where to turn when they are dealing with the issue. This is especially relevant when there is an arrest and drugs such as crack cocaine is allegedly part of the case. Another issue that is taking its toll on society is prescription pills and law enforcement is on the lookout for that. Add in marijuana and how it is still being debated as to its dangers and whether it should be legalized or not and anyone who is arrested on charges related to one or all these should remember that they need legal protection for the upcoming case.

Law enforcement arrested a 40-year-old woman and charged her with possession of various drugs. The arrest was made in the mid-afternoon at around 2:25 p.m. as the officers executed a search on her home. They found marijuana, pills and at least 54 grams of crack cocaine. Her bond was set at $350,000. She faces charges of manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance that weighed between 4 grams and 200 grams.

After a drug arrest, the most important step that the person can take is to remember their rights. That includes the right to discuss the case with an attorney. Since a conviction on drug charges can result in jail time, fines and extensive problems even after the case and any penalties have been completed, doing whatever is necessary to try and achieve a solid result is advisable. Having an aggressive defense is a foundational aspect of addressing the charges. There are many avenues to lodge a defense including calling the search warrant into question or showing that the drugs did not belong to the person who was arrested.

Since this woman was arrested on multiple charges including possessing crack cocaine, she must make certain that she is shielded from the start. A lawyer experienced in defending clients on charges related to crack, prescription pills, marijuana and any other drug can help to craft that defense and seek a reasonable solution.

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