What do I do if I am charged with drug crimes in Texas?

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2018 | Drug Possession

Today’s news is full of stories about people who are involved with heroin in one capacity or another. Texas is no different than the rest of the country in that this is a growing problem that law enforcement and legislators are seeking to stop.

For those who are confronted with charges related to drug possession or drug sales relating to heroin, understanding the law and the penalties for a conviction is imperative when trying to craft a defense. For people who possess heroin, simply having a small amount of the drug can lead to felony charges with accompanying jail time. Those who are charged with the sale of the drug can be sentenced to life in prison.

However, drug users might have the alternative of taking part in a drug diversion program to avoid a lengthy jail sentence. It is imperative for people who are non-violent offenders or are considered “low-level” offenders to know that they might have the opportunity to receive treatment instead of being incarcerated. .

People might have issues in their lives that lead to charges of possession or sale of heroin. Because the state takes the possession of these drugs so seriously and is seeking to reduce their sale and use, the penalties are crafted in such a way to dissuade people from taking part in using or selling these drugs. When confronted with drug crimes related to heroin, a law firm that understands the options and can help with a defense is critical to the case.

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