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Texas law enforcement is vigilant about drivers who might be operating their vehicles under the influence. Being charged with DWI can have long-lasting consequences on a person’s life. Depending on the level of charges and what happened to spur the arrest, people can face long jail sentences, massive fines, the requirement that an ignition interlock device be placed on the driver’s vehicle, and the loss of driving privileges among other penalties. When there is an allegation that a person from Longview and the surrounding areas has been committing DWI, having legal assistance is a must.

While the basic penalties might be understood after a DWI conviction, there can be other problems that the person might have in the aftermath. That includes job loss, an inability to find another form of employment, raised car insurance and, for immigrants, deportation. It is not a validation of a person driving under the influence to say that law enforcement might have been overzealous in its pursuit of DWIs. The truth is that there are times when the person appeared to have been under the influence when he or she was not. Law enforcement could have used tactics that violated protocol. Or the driver might not have been legally drunk despite having consumed alcohol.

Losing driving privileges – a common consequence of a DWI conviction – can go beyond a mere inconvenience for a vast proportion of drivers. Some people make their living driving. If it is a commercial driver who was convicted of DWI, it can have significant ramifications to employment prospects. An occupational license or a professional license can even be lost for a DWI conviction.

Remembering the different levels of DWI is important. Perhaps it was a first DWI and the person made a mistake. There could have been subsequent DWIs that raise the penalties for a conviction. An accident might have occurred or other circumstances could be in place to make it a felony. Drivers might even violate the law of implied consent which can lead to charges even if there was no DWI taking place. Simply being arrested for DWI does not guarantee guilt. A lawyer who is experienced in handling a variety of drunk driving cases can examine the situation and determine the strategy to defend against the charges. Those arrested for DWI should be aware of the need for a skilled attorney and call immediately.

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