Alleged drunk driving crash leads to intoxication assault charge

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | DWI

Drivers in Longview and throughout Texas should know that with a DWI charge, the situation will largely dictate the level of charges and the accompanying penalties that the person will face. This can go beyond the basic DWI penalties of losing a driver’s license, a fine and perhaps jail time. Of course, the aftermath of a DWI can be problematic in other aspects of life, but, when it is an intoxication assault charge, it is substantially worse. In any event, a legal defense is vital.

A man from Longview was placed under arrest for intoxication assault. According to the investigation, he was operating a pickup truck and driving the wrong direction. He had a head-on collision with another vehicle, which seriously injured the other driver. The driver of the pickup was also injured and was given a breathalyzer test while at the hospital to determine his blood-alcohol content. His BAC was measured as 0.201.

Intoxication assault is a more serious charge than simple drunk driving. Drivers should think about the potential life-altering consequences they might face in the event of a conviction, as there will be not only criminal penalties, but there could also be a loss of a professional license, deportation and more.

While it might seem difficult when there are several charges for DWI and it is raised to intoxication assault, it is still necessary to craft a defense to seek a beneficial outcome. If you have been charged with DWI, you should contact an attorney to help with your defense.

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