Drug crimes in Texas include delivering drug paraphernalia

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People in Longview should know that allegations of legal violations related to drugs can come in many forms. It is not necessarily just those who are caught dealing drugs or in possession of them who can find themselves facing criminal charges. Other activities can also result in criminal charges. This includes possessing or delivering drug paraphernalia. Any arrest on drug crimes can have serious, long-term consequences. Knowing the law and how to craft a viable defense is integral to avoiding the harshest penalties.

If a person possessed drug paraphernalia or knowingly and intentionally used it to commit numerous acts such as manufacturing, compounding, converting, preparing, testing, storing and much more, it is a legal violation and will be a Class C misdemeanor. It is also a violation under this law to introduce these substances to the body by injecting, inhalation, ingestion or via other means. This will be a Class A misdemeanor. If the person has been convicted of this act before, a new conviction will result in a jail term of at least 90 days and as much as one year.

The person will be viewed as having committed this offense if the goods are delivered, possessed with an intention of delivering or manufactured with the intent to deliver them, if it is known that the person who receives it intends to do any of the above acts. It will also be a violation of this law if the person who is delivering the paraphernalia is 18-years-old or older and the recipient is under age 18 and a minimum of three years younger than the accused. This will be a state jail felony.

Being charged with delivery of drug paraphernalia carries with it significant penalties. There could be reasons why the person found him or herself in these circumstances. They might not have realized that it was against the law if they were not selling the drugs or using it themselves. They could have gotten caught up in a situation they were unaware of or did not understand what they were doing may be against the law. Regardless of how it happened, the penalties and possibility that there will be a criminal record makes it critical to lodge a strong defense.

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